Mandatory Insurance Backed Guarantees FAQs

Do I have to issue an IBG for all replacement windows and doors installations in domestic properties?

Yes. The only exceptions to this rule are installations carried out for Housing Associations or Local Authorities. In these instances there must at least be an offer of an IBG. As most installers are not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and cannot discuss insurance products with their customers, the offers will be made by HomePro once the details have been received from the Competent Person Scheme (CPS) provider. The premiums will be paid by the Housing Association or Local Authority at no cost to the member. There may well be instances where the Housing Association or Local Authority insists on an IBG from the installer. You will then include the cost of these in the price quoted, process the IBGs as normal and pay the premiums across to HomePro.

Do I have to issue an IBG for Commercial Installations?

No. Commercial Installations are carried out on non-domestic properties such as factories, shops, schools, hospitals, etc. or multiple residential properties where there is a single Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC). There is no requirement to issue an IBG for these commercial installations.

My HomePro account is suspended, why?

HomePro will suspend your account for a variety of reasons including the late or non-payment of overdue premiums or subscriptions, notification of adverse financial information such as a CCJ or the receipt of complaints by homeowners.

How can I view the status of my account, and also details of my policies?

You can view the status of your account in your online portal area if you browse online to and use your Member ID and password. Inside your online portal you will see various areas highlighting different components of your account. The areas available to account holders range from contact details display to insurance policy editing and payment history listings.

If a customer pays the job on credit card, will section 75 cover be sufficient in place of the IBG?

No. The CPS providers operating in the Glazing and Fenestration industry have dictated that financial protection for the homeowner can only be given through an IBG as they do not have access to banking records and therefore cannot validate the methods of payment.

What happens if my customer doesn’t want an insurance backed guarantee?

In the rare instances that your customer does not want an IBG, the process of issuing the policy must still be followed, and cover put in place. The customer must then contact us. As HomePro is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, we can discuss the terms and conditions of the policy with the homeowner and explain the benefits contained therein. If the customer still insists on cancelling the policy then this will be notified to the CPS provider, the IBG will be cancelled and the premium credited to your account.

What happens if there is a duplicate BRCC record or the installation is covered on another IBG?

When validating the records for an IBG you will be able to indicate installations as being not applicable by reason of being a duplicate or an IBG already being in place. The process to do this will be explained by your account manager.

My CPS Account is frozen, will that effect my HomePro account?

If FENSA or CERTASS has frozen your account because you have not nominated an Approved IBG provider or you do not meet the MTC requirements then HomePro will still be able to process any IBG requests that you submit but we will not receive notification of any other installations from the CPS provider and cannot perform the matching function until the account is reactivated.

My HomePro Account is frozen, will that effect my CPS account?

HomePro are obliged to advise the CPS providers with the details of all contractors that it has suspended or removed from its register. At that point, the CPS provider will class the account as not having an IBG provider in place and refuse to accept any further notifications until it has been advised that the suspension by HomePro has been rescinded.

Is there a payment or instalment plan available for my insurance backed guarantees?

This will be dealt with on a case by case basis, but HomePro will be looking for contractors to clear their account as quickly as possible without placing a huge burden on the member.

Can I print off/download my policy history?

Yes, by logging into your online portal you can view your full policy history, it is also possible to filter the history into manageable chunks for viewing. Additionally, there is the option to “Download CSV”, this will download a full spreadsheet copy of all your policies to your computer/device. Alternatively, if you contact your account manager they will be happy to assist you in forwarding details of your policy history to you.

Can I edit the details of a policy once it has been processed?

If the policy details submitted to Homepro are just in a pending status in the online system (and labelled as such) then you have the ability to edit the policy details prior to submission. If the policy has already been submitted, processed and issued by HomePro then, any amendments would need to be declared to your account manager, this may then affect the cost of the policy.

I am an introducer member am I compliant?

Not if you are doing replacement windows and doors in domestic properties other than for Housing Associations or Local Authorities.

I can’t login to my account – now what?

Contact your account manager on 0151 609 3527 or 0151 609 3532

How can I view my BRCC registrations that are outstanding IBGs?

These will be displayed in your online portal access which will be notified to you in due course.

How long will it take for my account to come off suspend?

It very much depends on why the account was suspended in the first instance. If this was for non-payment then the account will be released once the cleared funds are in the HomePro or FairTrades Client account.

What happens if you processed a policy that shouldn’t have been processed?

We will cancel the policy and credit the cost of premium back to your account if there is a valid reason for cancellation.

Who do I contact with an issue?

Your account manager, Nicole (0151 609 3532) or Paul (0151 609 3527) should be able to deal with any other queries that you may have.

What happens if I don’t register the CPS registrations for IBGs?

HomePro will automatically issue the IBGs for any CPS registrations that are not validated after 7 days of the issue of an email notification.

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