When To Make A Claim Against Your Insurance Backed Guarantee

Hopefully your home improvement project will go to plan and there will never be any need for a claim.
In the event that you feel that you do need to make a claim, review the following checklist first so that our experienced claims team can handle your claim as quickly as possible:

How to Claim on Deposit  Claim on Deposit
You must have paid an amount of money to a contractor within the last 90 days, who has now ceased to trade due to financial reasons without physically commencing work on site.

You must also be in possession of a valid Certificate of Deposit Cover from HomePro Insurance and a written receipt from your contractor for the amount paid as a deposit.

How to Claim on Guarantee  Claim on Guarantee
Your contractor must have completed the work and you must have returned the feedback slip confirming that the work was completed satisfactorily. There must be a defect that occurred due to faulty materials or poor workmanship by the contractor, and the contractor has ceased to trade prior to the defect arising .
Changes to IBG's In June 2014 mean all insurance backed guarantees will also provide the homeowner with protection against breaches of the applicable Buildings Regulations.

The defects must be within the period and terms of the contractors written guarantee, a copy of which you should have. It is important to note that the contractor must have ceased to trade in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy and you must also be in possession of a valid Certificate of Warranty Insurance from HomePro Insurance.

How To Make A Claim Against Your Insurance Backed Guarantee

If you believe you have reason to claim on your insurance backed guarantee, please read the following..

Before you make a claim you should be satisfied that:

  You are in possession of a valid Certificate of Insurance/Cover note.
  The contractor has definitely ceased trading – if it is limited company you should check with companies house. If it is a sole trader or partnership you should try to contact the business direct.
  You have a receipt – for claims on loss of deposit ensure that you have a receipt for the amount of deposit given, and when it was given.
  You have a written scope of works or contract – for claims on work in progress – a scope of work is required to clearly identify the original extent of work. This could be detailed within a quote or a contract provided by the contractor.
  You have a written guarantee – for claims on defects during the guarantee period. The guarantee should identify the guarantee periods and what is covered under the guarantee.
  You have a defect – for claims during the guarantee period you must ensure that the defect that has arisen is covered by the written guarantee, and that it is the result of faulty workmanship or materials.

If you are satisfied with the above you should call us on 08707 344 344 and choose option 3.
Please explain that you would like to make a claim on your policy and we will then send a claim form out to you.

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